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Pre-registered participants: 8

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3rd International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO17) was held in Oxford, United Kingdom from 18th to 20th September 2017.




The Conference Numbers:

  • 20 Invited speakers and tutorial lectures
  • 84 Oral presentations
  • 164 Posters
  • 360 delegates


The programme included a combination of invited talks, contributing talks and poster presentations in a meeting which brought a broad spectrum of the community together to discuss and share knowledge on the latest advances in perovskite materials, devices and photophysical and optoelectronic properties and phenomena.


Program: Download PDF

List of Posters: Download PDF


Henry Snaith
University of Oxford, UK
Filippo De Angelis
CNR-ISTM Perugia, Italy
Md. K. Nazeeruddin
EPFL, Switzerland
Annamaria Petrozza
IIT, Italy
Antonio Abate
HZB, Germany


Géraldine Gfeller 
EPFL, Switzerland
Anna Amat

CNR-ISTM Perugia, Italy
Clare Moloney
University of Oxford, UK
Beatrice Bizzarri
CNR-ISTM Perugia, Italy